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Local landscape company breaks the mold

Add a bench to your yard.

by Matt Pelc, published Jan. 12, 2011

Often times the landscaping crew that works on homes gets in, out and on to the next job before the homeowner even notices.

If the homeowner has a question about something, they may be out of luck if they cannot catch them in time, but a local landscape company breaks the mold.

Encore Landscapes strives to put customer service first, something some of his competitors put on the backburner.

"With most landscaping companies, you get a similar product," said Pablo Sanchez, owner of the company. "Where we stand out is on our customer service. I want to make them happy."

Encore Landscapes likes to take on one job at a time and get it finished before moving on to the next stop.

Irrigation License:
LI 5900

Drain Layer License:

"We are a smaller company and don't want to really get much bigger," said Sanchez. "Sometimes when you grow, things can get out of control. I advise my customers on how to maintain their landscaping and I like to build relationships with them."

Encore Landscapes is a screened and approved Service Magic Professional, fully insured contractor, ICPI certified and winner of the Texas Environmental Excellence Award.

They can take care of the lawn, but focus more on laying down concrete,  installing and repairing sprinkler systems, constructing patio covers and other outdoor structures, set up lighting and much more.

Sanchez states he is constantly educating himself by taking courses to continue to improve his already successful company. In addition, he says you can always rely on him.

"I have good reviews and many references," Sanchez said. "I am professional and reliable. If you tell us to be there at 10 a.m., we will be there ten minutes before."